Software Application Development

At Greysoft, we have developed the Office Automator Component – Here we study your office operations and create viable and efficient applications to ensure ease, speed, consistency, security and accuracy in your daily operations/transactions. We have generated Valuation Applications for Real Estate firms, Online Reservation/Booking Platform for hotels, Banking Software, E-base School Management Application, Billing Software for malls and so much more, the reports/reviews are overwhelming.

Professional I.T. Consultancy

Our team of experienced I.T. Consultants with diverse portfolio ranging from Project Management, Business Intelligence, Software Development, Networking, Database Systems, Management Information Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Office Automation, to Programming of all sorts can give practical guidance and forecast respectively on I.T. related issues; helping businesses and organizations execute small, medium and complex I.T. projects.

Project Management

Our services can be tailored to meet the exact specifications of any project, saving companies valuable time and money by better organizing, planning and managing on-going project activities to ensure on-time delivery and strict adherence to contract specifications, with focus on managing risks and changes. The results: improved efficiency, productivity and profitability/client satisfaction.

Corporate I.T. Infrastructure

This is our trademark service to clients. It involves regular proactive and reactive maintenance of clients’ I.T. infrastructure ensuring that clients enjoy smooth operations and make the best off of their working machines at their uttermost convenience without fear of failure or loss of systems, subsystems or documents. You can be sure to have us at least twice a month to perform regular routine system health checks, updates, suggestions and advice for Proactive Maintenance and 24x7x365 availability on one-speed-dial for Reactive Maintenance should anything go wrong. This service is incredibly affordable regardless of quantum of maintenance/repairs and payment is until the end of every month.

Supply of I.T. Related Equipment

With our enormous vendor base, we are able to supply to our clients, computer systems/peripherals at very affordable prices whatever the size of demand, whether on contract basis or at one-off.

I.T. Project Outsourcing

This component is a specialized service for I.T. firms who would like to outsource selected components of their IT, whilst still choosing to keep some of their business critical I.T. in-house. By working in partnership with Greysoft, your in-house I.T. team can focus on strategic I.T. developments, whilst we support the daily management of operational tasks across your infrastructure. We also work with you to identify those I.T. elements that you would like us to proactively manage on your behalf, and which you’d prefer to keep in house.


who we are?


It is easier to see us as your employee, one who is routinely available to ensure healthy operation of your I.T. infrastructure and on whom you can call at one speed dial when there’s an I.T. need/challenge. Our fast growing client-base consists of companies in Abuja and Kaduna across multiple platforms. We have successfully displayed competence and seen the joy of satisfaction in our clients’ reaction to our services.

To deliver IT solution and services to clients at their uttermost

convenience without prejudice to professionalism.

To become one of Africa’s foremost I.T. solution and service companies